Struggling to get the most out of your employees?


Losing good people and unable to replace them?
Too busy fighting fires to focus on the bigger picture?
Finding less and less time for life outside of work?
Feeling disconnected and misunderstood (and have a suspicion your people feel the same)?


You’re not alone! A majority of businesses face these challenges at some point. We are here to help.


Your unique culture has a profound impact on the
performance of your employees.

The unique environment that exists within your company can either be an ally or an enemy in the pursuit of sustainable success.
But as businesses grow, conscious culture is regularly neglected in favour of more immediate concerns.

It’s for this reason many young businesses lose that certain spark that was so inspiring in the early days, that founders begin to feel disconnected from their employees, and that work stress begins to bleed into downtime.


The performance of your employees is vital to the success of your company.


Culture is about more than just a feel-good factor.

Engaged, trusting and productive employees don’t only make the office a nicer place to be, studies tell us they work harder, are more creative, and show more loyalty. Unleash these kinds of ‘all-in’ employees across your entire workforce and witness a true paradigm shift in performance and delivery.

Whether you’re looking to grow a business empire you can one day bequeath to your children or are aiming to scale as fast as possible to cash in on a lucrative sale, your people are vital to the intrinsic value and long-term prospects of your company.

Products and services come and go, but an embedded culture of excellence spearheaded by an independent and cohesive leadership team allows your business to deliver time and again.

Strong, high-trust cultures have been shown to provide:

☞ 19% increase in operating income
☞ 28% increase in earnings growth
☞ 30% increase in employee engagement

Inspiring, engaging and effective culture is not created by default. It is cultivated by design.


The Program

Bringing together cutting-edge socio-psychological principles and a deep understanding of human interactions gained in nearly a decade as a practicing psychologist, I designed Conscious Culture Bootcamp to be the most innovative and effective culture blueprint on the market today.

As an intensive two-day program for you and your senior leadership team delivered at the location of your choice, Conscious Culture Bootcamp is a comprehensive, experiential journey from dispute and disharmony to productivity and profit.


Where most training programs concentrate on either macro-level organizational challenges or micro-level soft skills training for select leaders, Conscious Culture Bootcamp takes a more holistic approach.


During our time together, we’ll focus on three key areas:


Individual Leaders

Because organizational excellence starts with you.

  • Learn the fundamental principles that underpin conscious leadership.

  • Discover your unique strengths and learn how to make the most of them.

  • Confront the leader you are, visualize the leader you wish to be, and master the skills necessary to overcome the delta.

Leadership Team

Because the senior leadership team should embody an example your people can follow.

  • Explore the guiding precepts that govern cohesive leadership teams.

  • Discover the link between trusting relationships and high performance.

  • Learn how to integrate personal priorities with business goals.

Wider Organization

BONUS DAY 3: Because a high-performing culture unleashes your employees.

  • Define the ‘why’ behind your organization.

  • Learn how to hire for cultural fit, not just skillset.

  • Discover how secure relationships correlate with employee ROI.

Only this kind of inside-out approach can equip you and your leadership team with all the tools necessary to define and implement a truly transformational high-performance culture.



What Makes Conscious Culture Bootcamp So Unique?

The Science of Success

As a psychologist with nearly a decade of clinical experience, I am not your typical corporate trainer. My background sees me uniquely placed to help you understand the single common factor that lies at the heart of every successful culture – its people.

I’ve been studying what drives us as human beings at a biological and environmental level for the entirety of my career, and I’ve infused all that experience and learning into my signature program.

Part experiential individual journey, part organizational therapy—Conscious Culture Bootcamp is like nothing else out there.

Building an inspirational culture capable of elevating your business to new levels of productivity, engagement and performance is a repeatable process that can be applied to any organization, no matter the industry, scale or maturity.

There are plenty of stories out there about trailblazing startups driven by inspirational cultures, but I wanted Conscious Culture Bootcamp to be built on more than anecdotes and magic beans.

The techniques, practical exercises, and theories you’ll learn as part of the program are backed by cutting-edge scientific theory and decades of organizational research.

Whether it’s the intrinsic link between oxytocin, trust and productivity, or the correlation between employee engagement and gross profit margins, the unique culture that exists within each company has been conclusively proven to have a direct and profound impact on both short and long-term success.

By harnessing that culture, by consciously shaping it, any company can completely revolutionize their delivery from end to end. Work becomes a fun place to be again, and the gains in productivity and engagement reduce costly errors and help drive profits organically.

Who is Conscious Culture Bootcamp for?

Conscious Culture Bootcamp is for Founders who want to become Leaders

Conscious Culture Bootcamp is for founders who envision a happier, more productive, more profitable future for their company, but don’t know how to turn that dream into reality.

It’s for founders who want to inspire, encourage, and engage their people, but lack the skills to bridge a gap that seems to be widening all the time.

This program is for you if: 

  • You dream of recapturing the spark that drove you and your people in the early days.

  • You want to develop all-in employees who work as hard for your vision as you do.

  • You understand that motivated, engaged employees are a prerequisite for world-class delivery.

  • You’re ready to embrace true, transformational change.

  • You’re prepared to be honest.

  • You want to drive organizational success and profitability from the inside out.

  • You want to play a bigger game.

Cultivate Your Own Conscious Culture (do it YOUR way)

Conscious Culture Bootcamp is about all-in employees and strong leaders

It’s about harnessing the power of your culture to boost engagement, enhance performance, stimulate productivity, and to improve your ability to deliver as a business. 

Conscious Culture is growth.
Conscious Culture is fulfillment.
Conscious Culture is profit.
Conscious Culture is purpose and tenacity.
Conscious Culture isn’t just a nice-to-have, it’s a fundamental prerequisite to sustainable success.