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"By grounding corporate training in the understanding of our fundamentally social human biology, Ashley connects our need for belonging and connection to workplace motivation, engagement, productivity and performance. Perfectly curated for existing and developing leaders, Conscious Culture Bootcamp provides the theory behind culture-building strategies as well as tactical tools for infusing conscious leadership at all levels of an organization.

Everyone who took part experienced an unprecedented level of trust-building and interpersonal connection, catalyzed by Ashley’s experiential and participatory approach to learning. Ashley is spirited, energetic, humanistic, thorough, and passionate. She provides a comfortable, energetic, and immersive learning environment, and her authentic leadership and knowledge of culture-building in the workplace combine to create open conversations, genuine learning, and strengthened teams.

The individual and collective benefits of this training will continue to be realized by our organization far into the future."

- Rachel Mielke, CEO & Founder, Hillberg & Berk

“Ashley is enthusiastic and passionate about her work. She radiates her values and is uplifting to be around. Knowledgeable, empowering, encouraging and supportive, she brings her whole self to her training - from the first conversation at the initial planning stage to preparation months and weeks in advance of the actual event, she was fully present and ready to serve our company.

I'd recommend Ashley's workshop to every organization as we can all benefit from her approach to training and facilitating a conversation on culture within organizations. Ashley creates an amazing environment where she holds the space for participants to be their true selves and to find common ground amongst their peers in a way that's human-centered and results oriented.

Ashley’s workshop is life changing and something that all of us will carry with us throughout our careers.”

- Andrea Phippen, Human Resources Director,
Hillberg and Berk

Hillberg and Berk


Corporate or casual, lunch hour or happy hour, Central Social Hall is a modern pub in the heart of downtown Edmonton that brings people together.

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“Conscious Culture Bootcamp was amazing. It challenged us in such incredible ways, creating breakthroughs for every individual who attended, and for the group as a whole. Ashley was entertaining, knowledgeable, and compassionate, and her passion for creating conscious change just shines through so brightly.

The level of vulnerability and courage Ashley was able to create with my team was perhaps the most valuable aspect of our time together. She was able to construct a space in which we all felt comfortable authentically communicating about ourselves and our company. Watching her ability to get each member of my team to open up, share, and be vulnerable was incredible! She cracked some tough nuts and without her, the transformation we experienced would have not been possible.

A conscious culture will help create a space for your company to be a great place to work as an employee and an amazing company to do business with as a customer.

Those key components will impact success, growth, and profitability.

Ashley has tapped into the future of company culture. If you want productive, happy, engaged employees this training is a must. Consciousness, vulnerability, and authentic communication are things that the new generation of employees and customers value highly. Get aware NOW!”

Jesse Kupina – Principal Partner and Co-Founder


“Conscious Culture Bootcamp was much deeper than any other professional or team building training I've been involved with. Our team left feeling very supported and empowered, and we're connecting on a much deeper level as a result.

I valued the opportunity to see, and be seen by, my team. These are the people I spend the most time with, even more than my family and friends. To feel safe and vulnerable—and to be trusted with the same in return—is something I never thought would be so important, but it's the most valuable part of the bootcamp for me. Ashley has an incredible knack for making everyone in the group feel safe and supported. She holds clear boundaries and creates space for true self-expression and sharing.

The "soft skills" a team can develop in this bootcamp are some of the most influential culture-building skills available to a leadership team and company. Because they're thought of as intangible, most businesses aren't looking at this type of training as a priority to increase productivity and profitability. But after doing the work with Ashley and our team, I believe this is the MOST IMPORTANT type of training a business can undertake to increase productivity and profitability. It can be the competitive edge that catapults your business to the top!”

Vance Bosch – Regional Operating Partner