“Every company has the potential to cultivate a truly remarkable culture that not only makes work a great place to be, it also boosts productivity, performance, and profit.

Catalyzing this process is my passion and my calling.”
— Ashley Mielke


About Conscious Culture

Many of the founders and CEOs I’ve worked with over the years came to me when they’d already achieved their ultimate goal of turning innovative ideas into growing companies. On the surface, they had it all. Success, wealth, and the chance to spend their days doing what they loved.

But far from basking in their accomplishments, I found most to be unhappy, frustrated, and ultimately unfulfilled. The reason? The companies these entrepreneurs had built were struggling to adapt and change as they scaled, losing their identity somewhere along the way.

Office politics were exerting an increasing influence. Employees were disengaged, demotivated and unproductive. Growing leaderships teams lacked cohesion and direction as new people came on board and personalities clashed.

Over time, these challenges—and others like them—began to affect the fundamental performance of the business. 

Despite varying in the specifics from company to company, these issues all had one thing in common: they were human in nature.

It shouldn’t have come as a surprise. After all, at the heart of every business—no matter the scale, maturity, industry or geography—are people. Individual human beings driven by complex emotions and desires.

It follows, then, that many of the biggest challenges companies face—particularly those that are growing and changing rapidly— are rooted in human behaviours, interactions and relationships.

Only by understanding—and surmounting—these challenges, can young businesses begin to truly harness the power of their people.

Drawing on decades of organizational research and backed by cutting-edge scientific techniques and my own extensive experience as a practicing psychologist, I began to develop a radical new training program designed to reengineer culture from the inside out.

My aim was to help businesses turn their unique culture into a powerful tool capable of fundamentally transforming their performance and profitability. 

Twelve months later, Conscious Culture Bootcamp was born.

About Ashley

Psychologist. Entrepreneur. Organizational Health and Culture Strategist.

Ashley Mielke works with founders and CEOs to cultivate high-performance Conscious Cultures that inspire, motivate and engage—ultimately catalyzing sustainable organizational success and long-term profitability.

A highly sought-after strategic consultant and trainer, Ashley has led workshops and training courses for multi-million-dollar corporations, non-profits, the City of Edmonton, the Government of Canada, and numerous small businesses.

As founder and director of The Grief and Trauma Healing Centre Inc, Ashley has nearly a decade of clinical experience as a practicing psychologist, and it is this scientific background that forms the foundation of her signature training program—Conscious Culture Bootcamp.

Featuring in national publications and appearing on global news channels, Ashley is a frequent media contributor and renowned public speaker, and in 2017 she co-authored her first book.

Ashley found her own ‘Why’ early in life following a difficult childhood punctuated by her father’s substance abuse and eventual suicide. From this, the darkest and most painful period of her life, she uncovered a deep and passionate desire to serve others and a natural ability to create a safe space in which to explore life’s most challenging questions—a skill that has been immeasurably valuable in her career both as a psychologist and trainer.


Outside of work, Ashley likes to keep active both on the basketball court and by running regularly, rewarding herself for all this hard work with coffee and poutine. She also loves to travel with her husband and young son, particularly favouring Hawaii and Arizona, and seeks out quality time with close friends and family whenever she can.