Conscious Culture

The key to a happier, more productive, and
more profitable business.

Taking a great idea and turning it into a thriving business is what drives many of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs. It’s rarely easy, but negotiating the unexpected challenges and responding to ever-shifting market conditions along the way is incredibly rewarding when you pull it off.

With success comes growth. And as the workforce rapidly expands to meet new demands, founders and CEOs soon find themselves faced with a whole new set of challenges.

  • How do I keep a growing team engaged and motivated?

  • How can I integrate the ideas and opinions of an expanding leadership team?

  • What does it mean to be a leader to employees I don’t even recognize anymore, let alone interact with?

  • How can I maximize ROI on every hire without burning my people out?

With a focus on expansion over evolution, many young businesses never get around to answering these questions, instead continuing to do things in much the same way they always have.

But research shows that ignoring culture by settling for the ‘default’ can be catastrophic, leading to:
  • ☞ 48% increase in employee turnover
  • ☞ 33% decrease in operating income
  • ☞ 11% decrease in earnings growth
Ultimately, the kind of culture that’s effective for a handful of dedicated visionaries in the early days simply isn’t fit for purpose as companies expand and change.

That tight-knit feeling is lost as reporting lines grow more complex and office politics come to the fore. Long-serving employees don’t feel as valued as they once did, and new team members—hired for skillset rather than fit—don’t integrate successfully.

Key people leave, and their replacements join dysfunctional teams, with many not sticking around for long. Over time, the workforce grows ever more demotivated and disengaged, and that buzz of innovation and excitement that provided endless inspiration in the early days fizzles out entirely.

In line with falling morale, performance drops across the board and KPIs begin to slip. Avoidable errors creep into delivery, customer satisfaction takes a hit, and sales begin to suffer.

Most entrepreneurs simply aren’t equipped to fight all these fires at once, and things can quickly spiral out of control.


The case for culture

Entrepreneurs spend a lot of time thinking about the businesses they want to build—what to call them, how to market them, which products or services they want to sell and how to make them stand out.

Most spend very little time—if any—thinking about culture.

But culture is your company’s DNA, encoded with your values and defined by your principles. Culture is an opportunity to give leaders direction and provide employees with a vital connection that will help them feel they’re part of something bigger.

Just as a default culture can actively damage your company, a conscious culture—one built on a foundation of strong leadership, coherent direction, and trusting, meaningful relationships—can fundamentally transform your performance and profitability from the inside out.

Cultivating a conscious culture means applying those kinds of numbers to every single individual in your entire organization. The impact is transformational.


STUDIES OF high-trust
cultures report:

☞ 13% fewer sick days
☞ 40% fewer burnouts
☞ 50% more productivity
☞ 74% less stress
☞ 106% more energy


STUDIES OF highly engaged
workforces report:

☞ 10% increase to customer ratings
☞ 22% increase in profitability
☞ 41% decrease in quality defects
☞ 202% increase in performance
☞ 233% greater customer loyalty


Put simply, high-performing businesses require high-performing employees, and high-performing employees require inspiring, stimulating and trusting cultures.

Or, even more simply: Conscious Culture = Success.

Conscious Culture Bootcamp

While the concept of ‘culture’ can seem like something of an intangible—hard to pin down, and even harder to influence—in reality this is not the case.

Backed by scientific study and underpinned by nearly a decade of clinical experience as a psychologist, my signature program—Conscious Culture Bootcamp—has been meticulously designed to equip you and your leadership team with all the tools needed to build an inspiring, engaging, high-performing culture of your own.